Our promise to all of our customers is that we will provide simple, effective and value-focused solutions relating to ‘everything IFS’.

At Vanilla, our focus is on simplicity in all aspects of our business. When Vanilla was established in 2009, we built it with an ambition to provide simple and intuitive solutions that would avoid waste and needless complexity for our customers. That’s why we called ourselves Vanilla.

In an industry that can lend itself to unnecessarily complicated solutions and nonessential jargon, Vanilla stands out by offering a refreshingly ‘simple’ ethos.

  1. Simplicity – The simplest solution is the easiest to Implement, train, use and support. Avoid complexity.
  2. Quality – Invest time into the project to get it right first time. We often hear of customers who have paid to implement a solution, and then paid to put it right.
  3. Customer Focus – Delivering what our customers need and making sure we focus on the value we are delivering.

By setting realistic and focused objectives in their projects, we support our customers in reducing time to value and build on their solutions with the benefit of the experiences they gain on their IFS journey. For us, business transformation through software is a journey that has no end, because you can always be improving.