May 12th 2020

As we enter week eight of lockdown I thought it would be pertinent to share some of my experiences when speaking to the IFS Community and how we are helping our customers adapt Project Delivery, Continuous Improvement and ‘keeping the lights on’ during these unprecedented times.

One question I am asked most (well, apart from how I am coping stuck at home with two boys under the age of 3) is “How do Vanilla deliver value above my current engagement model?” – A very valid question.

It would be naive of me to expect that Vanilla is the answer for every IFS customer or every scenario, and we certainly don’t have a magic IFS wand to fix every G-Case. There are, however, recurring attributes of Vanillas approach, delivery model and experience that help us differentiate and deliver essential value in these challenging times.

Flexible Resourcing

Many companies I speak to are well accustomed with the contractor market and the need to commit to medium/long term contracts, often with no referenceable customers, weak or non-existent scopes, often leaving a gap in knowledge when contractors moves on.

Vanillas biggest attribute is its team of over 40 permanent staff, offering our customers a single Partner for strategic guidance, consulting and support without having to commit to lengthy contracts with many individuals.  Crucially, our delivery approach means we can tailor each engagement to meet budgets, timescales, skill set and ongoing support meaning you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Furthermore, all of our consultants hold the relevant IFS certifications for their specialist skillsets and undertake regular training courses to ensure that they are best positioned to convey the latest updates and functionality IFS Applications has to offer.


Now more than ever it is critical for businesses to be able to react fast, streamline and harness new technologies to gain a competitive edge. This is often driven by partnering with a company that can deliver the right advice and guidance with a deep understanding of your industry and the challenges that you face.

Vanilla is a forward-thinking organisation, further recognised recently by achieving IFS Gold Partner Status, the first in the UK. Our goal has always been to become true experts in our chosen industry sectors and not generalists.

Vanilla specialise in the Complex and High-tech Manufacturing, Service and Maintenance and Aerospace and Defence industry sectors with over 10 years of hard-won experience to draw back on.  Our ethos of working closely alongside customers, focusing on business value and real-world challenges has given us a genuine understanding of our chosen sectors which complements our application expertise.

Straightforward Approach

As the name would imply, Vanilla has an innate passion for keeping it simple – in an industry that can often lead to over-engineered solutions, complex engagement models and unnecessary jargon, Vanilla cut through with a refreshingly intelligible philosophy;

  1. Simplicity – The simplest solution is the easiest to Implement, train, use and support. Avoid complexity
  2. Quality – Invest time into the project to get it right first time. We often hear of customers who have paid to implement a solution, and then paid to put it right
  3. Customer Focus – Delivering what our customers need and making sure we focus on the value we are delivering

We are hopeful that the next few weeks will see the impact that COVID-19 is having on lives and businesses decrease and the inevitable focus turn once again to Business and Usual and projects resumed.

Throughout the past few months Vanilla has been active on customer projects with three notable implementations successfully kicking off remotely and progressing with minimal effects considering the difficult circumstances. Needless to say, we would carefully plan any proposed work to ensure that the same applies and we can successfully deliver on our promises.

If you are planning a project or are part way through a project and would like to discuss how the Vanilla approach could deliver more value, please get in touch.

Thank you for reading.