Being a family-friendly company, we want our children to both understand and engage with what their parents do for a living.

On Friday the 9th August, we hosted our first Bring Your Children to Work Day. The format was simple, an Apprentice-style challenge.

Firstly, the children and their parents were split into two teams. Andy and Jason set a brief – one of our clients needed a solution to record employee data and print ID badges, and we needed their help to get it to them in time. At the end of the day, ideas were to be pitched and a winning team chosen.

Vanilla Employees Bring Their Children To Work

Team names were chosen, in one room we had ‘The Iron Kids’ and the other we had ‘Vanilla Ice’. The idea behind the day was to follow the same process we do as a company. Both teams had a consultant and a developer so the children could be steered in the right direction whilst being encouraged to have their own ideas.

The first session was with consulting, where they learnt more about the problem and discussed what was required on an ID card. The children, along with their parents surveyed other members of staff to find out answers to their queries.

With Consulting completed it was time to be taught Technology. The children were given a crash course on Novacura Flow, how to develop their application and how to input the information they had spent the first part of the morning collating.

Children of Vanilla Employees Gather Round The Boardroom

It wasn’t all work, during lunch, we had a video link-up with Brandon and James in Zambia, who are running a holiday club through our partnership with Hands Around the World.

The afternoon was spent with the Marketing Department. The children learnt the creative process of naming their product, designing a logo and creating a poster. They also learnt how to present their ideas and talk about the journey they had been on during the day.

Finally, the boardroom presentations to Andy and Jason – not quite Alan Sugar!  From one brief came two very different ideas and presentations and it was impossible to pick a winner. All the children received a medal, Vanilla chocolate bar, Amazon gift voucher and a certificate of completion.

Children of Vanilla Employees Outside The Vanilla Office

The idea for the day came from the summer party, where a number of children wanted to know more about where their parents worked.  We want to engage the families of our employees and show them not only what we do as a company but, more importantly, what we do as a team. The day was a huge success and we are all looking forward to next year.