One of the world’s leading airport technology companies has signed up to Vanilla’s Continuum service.

Daifuku Logan signs up to Vanilla’s Continuum service

The trusted partner for some of the world’s largest airports and airlines, Daifuku Airport Technologies provides end-to-end solutions, from operations and equipment across the baggage handling process, including digital systems, security and intelligence.

Renowned globally for their innovative technology and high performing solutions, Daifuku continues to revolutionise airport operations, enhancing efficiency, accuracy and the passenger experience for their partners.

As part of the global Daifuku Group, for over 100 years they have pioneered the development of industry-leading technology. Today, Daifuku is the number one material handling supplier in the world, with a workforce of more than 9,000 people throughout Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. They initially engaged with Vanilla in 2017 for ad hoc support services and have now joined Vanilla’s family of Continuum users.

Continuum is a scalable and flexible service which lets IFS customers draw upon any mixture of certified IFS resource to deliver ongoing improvements within their business for a fixed monthly cost.  The aim is to create a deep partnership that delivers great value for the customer while being simple to administer.

“I’ve always been impressed by Vanilla, their expertise and knowledge so when they told me about the monthly fixed fee continuous improvement initiative Continuum, I was interested,” said Clare Webster, Senior Systems Administrator at Daifuku Airport Technologies (UK).

“Continuum gives us 200 hours of any service and the way it works means that we don’t have any hassle over procuring hours. It cuts out a lot of red tape, paperwork and documentation, and means the good relationship we have with Vanilla is a lot easier to manage,” she explained.

“We also use Vanilla as a support mechanism, a knowledge base and they’ve guided us through the capabilities of IFS, showing us exactly what it can do for us through customisation and existing functionality. There are two of us working with 130 people at sites across the UK and Vanilla have also done some invaluable training with us,” she added.

Clare said she’d been impressed with Vanilla’s determination to find answers to any IFS problems she encounters.

“There’s only been the once when Mike Hollifield couldn’t give us an answer to a complex problem straight away, but I was very impressed as he rang the following day with a detailed answer. He said he’d been frustrated at not being able to provide a solution immediately but to be honest, I didn’t really expect that. They’re inquisitive – they really want to find an answer,” said Clare.

“One of the advantages of working with Vanilla and Continuum is that you always get a prompt answer, either via phone or email, but you always get a direct answer and you don’t have to go through a central point to be assigned someone.

“A thing I like about Vanilla is their honesty. They tell you what they think is the right solution to the business and they tell you straight. They never seem to be interested in their own pounds and pence, just in improving our business,” she added.

Mike Hollifield said: “We were delighted to sign up Daifuku Airport Technologies (UK) to Continuum and are sure the continuous improvement service it can deliver will be of huge benefit to the company.

Continuum provides the platform for continuous improvement, and also makes the adoption of new functionality and revised processes easier.

“With Continuum, clients benefit from a long-term partnership that will drive businesses forward, with the minimum of admin, fuss or overhead. Continuum also creates a feedback loop between business operations and application support, locking in changes and moving the focus from ‘fixing’ to ‘improving’.”



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