Increased independence through ease of self-improvements. Reduced support tickets leading to increased efficiency. Simplified future upgrade path. Improved purchase acquisition process.

Vanilla are proud to announce that Serimax, one of the world’s largest pipeline welding providers, has successfully upgraded to IFS Applications 10 – to simplify their ERP platform and remove existing modifications, resulting in improved functionality and a significant reduction in ongoing maintenance fees.

With facilities across four continents, Serimax has built a global reputation as an industry leader in pipeline infrastructure welding. Since 1978, Serimax has developed cutting-edge, advanced welding technologies across the full range of grades, materials and applications, including subsea, landline, water trunk main and aqueduct pipeline infrastructure projects.

An existing IFS customer, Serimax were running IFS Applications 7.5 and came to the decision that it was time to upgrade. A key focal point of the project was to improve the company’s purchase acquisition process, as well as to replace existing modifications with core IFS functionality, utilising the latest best practice and as a result significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Patrick Defives, Group Application Manager at Serimax, explained;

“It is now much easier to place orders and by using IFS Lobbies, it is easier for the user to see exactly what they need to do next. By upgrading to IFS Applications 10 and taking advantage of the additional functionality we now only have one application, whereas previously with IFS Applications 7.5, we had several external applications. We have managed to remove a lot of support tickets linked to remote connections that were not working properly so we are functioning a lot more efficiently. And, in a lot of areas we are now able to make enhancements on our own, so we are lot more independent.”

“Our business processes are now a lot more robust and secure, especially around procurement which was a prime target for the project. As part of the upgrade, we also removed all the modifications that we had in IFS Applications 7.5 and used core functionality or IFS configurations to enable a much simpler future upgrade path and make it closer to ‘evergreen’ which we are very happy with.”

When selecting a vendor to carry out the upgrade, Serimax wanted to use known and trusted providers with whom they had previously worked and so opted for Vanilla to carry out the functionality migration.

“We decided to use Vanilla, a known partner to me”, explained Patrick. “My overriding comment for Vanilla is ‘thank you’ – as this was a challenging project. It was a ‘big bang’ in terms of the go-live, which is not easy across four continents. We had really good communication throughout, it was a really good team, AND we managed to have a good time in the process, even when things got difficult. There were lots of people working together to get to the end goal and really focused on getting the project live for Serimax. We were all very close and that was good throughout the project. We kept to the original target date from our initial discussions, even despite the Coronavirus”

Following the success of the upgrade project, Serimax has extended the good working relationship between the two companies by signing up to Vanilla’s Continuum (Continuous Improvement as a Service) and IFS Structured Support service for all Serimax users globally. The service will provide Serimax with continued support and the roll-out of further process improvements.

Mr Defives said, “Without Vanilla I honestly do not think we could have performed the migration and it made sense that after the migration had finished, the support should be performed by the same company. We like Vanillas company ethos and quality of service and the fact that Vanilla is now operating in the UK, US and Sri Lanka offering a true global support service.”