"We were looking for a dramatic reduction of between 25-50 per cent in administrative data entry related tasks to all our functional areas, as well as being able to take advantage of the newer ERP functionality that simply didn’t exist for us at the time."

Vanilla, IFS Gold Channel Partner and IFS Growth Partner of the Year award winner, announces that New Standard Corporation has successfully implemented IFS Applications 10 to replace their 20-year old legacy ERP system and improve functionality across all areas of their business.

Founded in 1941, New Standard Corporation is one of the largest metal stamping, fabrication, welding, and assembly companies on the East Coast of America. With a team of 400 associates in three locations, New Standard have a proven track record of differentiation within the markets and industries they serve with their OEM solutions.

In moving from their old ERP solution, New Standard was looking to benefit from the significant advances made in business system technology over the past two decades.  Critically, New Standard needed to be able to drive efficient business processes, using real-time data to gain actionable insights into their high-volume, multi-site operation. Chad Johnson, IFS Project Manager at New Standard Corporation, explains, “We were looking for a dramatic reduction of between 25-50 per cent in administrative data entry related tasks to all our functional areas, as well as being able to take advantage of the newer ERP functionality that simply didn’t exist for us at the time.”

Once they had selected IFS Applications 10, New Standard struggled to find the right implementation partner in North America. Whilst they had the basis of a solution, they were finding it difficult to pull it all together.  However, at the IFS World Conference in 2019, New Standard visited the Vanilla stand where they were provided with some “on the spot” consultancy, followed by a trip to York, PA, to review the New Standard solution and implementation status.   Vanilla then provided a proposal to New Standard setting out how they could assist the team to get their project live.

Mr Johnson said, “What stood out for me with Vanilla was their technical capability and expertise as well as their understanding of our business needs. Often, it feels like consultancy firms are trying to fit you into their framework, but Vanilla’s approach was more tailored. They came in to see what our actual needs were and then crafted an engagement based on that.”

Vanilla began working with the New Standard team in January 2020 with onsite visits and workshops to help complete the solution design and begin work on the implementation phase.  However, when COVID-19 struck, both companies had to quickly adapt the engagement to ensure the project could continue.

“It was a pretty significant impact”, explained Mr Johnson. “At the point when COVID-19 first hit, we had progressed through our first Application Solution test, so we were not in the infancy of the project. We needed to pivot once the lockdown started and the travel ban came into force. It became apparent to us that were going to have to get used to remote working and fortunately Vanilla were able to accommodate very easily and very quickly. We were fortunate enough to find Vanilla because I don’t think that another vendor could have adapted as well as they did.”

Mr Johnson added “It was also a real benefit for is that Vanilla now has offices in the US as well as the UK, as we were able to have consultants from the US on site and support our go live.”

Now live on IFS Applications, New Standard is starting to see the benefit of a fully integrated ERP system.  “We are very impressed with the capabilities of IFS Applications” Mr Johnson said.  “We were extremely limited with our old ERP system, so it was a broad sweeping improvement throughout all areas that we were looking for. So far that is exactly what we have seen as well as the ability to tweak the system in all functional areas, whether it is through the use of conditional formatting of custom fields, or custom events. None of that existed prior and all of that is now at our fingertips.”

“We are not stuck with this system as it is now either. This is now version one and we will continually improve upon it. That was the goal from the onset of the project, and I believe we are well on our way in all of these areas. We are already starting to see the improvements.”

“Our intention is to continue our partnership with Vanilla, and we are actively working to put our post implementation plan in place through Continuum, their Continuous Improvement service. We look forward to continued years of partnership with IFS and Vanilla.”

Andy Bell, President and CEO of Vanilla, Inc. added “We are delighted to be working with New Standard as they transform their business using IFS Applications. New Standard is a forward-thinking company who, like us, is focused entirely on delivering ever better service to their customers.  We are happy to have helped them to develop a business solution that more tightly integrates their new product estimating, engineering, procurement and manufacturing processes. The new solution already delivers significant benefit and, crucially, provides a solid foundation for further business improvement.

“We’ve been very pleased by the huge commitment in terms of time and effort that New Standard’s people have brought to the project. It’s very rewarding to see them become increasingly confident in the use of IFS Applications to drive their business forward. We look forward to supporting them on their IFS journey as it continues.”