“IFS gave us more capability and flexibility than the two different systems Vitreq were using."

DUTCH next-generation ophthalmic technology company Vitreq turned to Vanilla when the company needed to replace its ERP system with IFS.

Vitreq became part of the Beaver-Visitec International (BVI) family in 2017. BVI is a highly-regarded, global ophthalmic device manufacturer offering a wide range of single use instruments. Their brands are considered standard of care in most ophthalmic specialties.

The company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, and has been using IFS Applications across its brands for some time.

Margaret Robar, Global Applications Manager/MDO at BVI, said: “We wanted to migrate Vitreq on to IFS Applications 7.5 which is standard throughout BVI. We’d already completed some work with Vanilla so contracted them to complete the migration.”

“IFS gave us more capability and flexibility than the two different systems Vitreq were using.”

Work on the migration began in May 2019 and went live on time in November last year.

The IFS Applications 7.5 implementation included manufacturing, finance, procurement, sales, distribution, and quality. The Vanilla team, led by Head of Consulting Paul Darwin, worked on the implementation alongside the central BVI team and the local Vitreq core team in the Netherlands.

Paul said: “Prior to the Vitreq implementation, we have previously worked on a couple of smaller projects with BVI. One at the BVI Bidford plant and a second project where we implemented IFS at their distribution centre in Elland, West Yorkshire.

“The Vanilla team on the Vitreq project consisted of myself (as operations solution lead); Piotr Swierszcz (finance lead); David Robb (project manager), and Neil Carter (technical lead). Working alongside the core BVI team and local Vitreq team was a real pleasure.”

Margaret added: “The Vanilla team was excellent – professional, knowledgeable and approachable, and who worked well with members of the Vitreq team, including our end users. They were great at bridging the gap, providing solutions whenever they were needed. Neil was particularly helpful with programming and customisation.  Paul was extremely strong in Supply Chain and Operations providing best practice solutions and options.  Piotr’s knowledge in finance and IFS configuration was really helpful to the Vitreq team.

“IFS is used in every aspect of our business, so it was an important migration for us. We’re continuing to work with Vanilla through our existing support contract and rely on key members of their team for solutions.”

BVI is also working with Vanilla on upgrading their IFS Applications 7.5 to IFS Applications 10.

“Work on the upgrade is continuing, as is work on another migration to IFS at another company that has recently joined BVI. I’d be happy to recommend Vanilla to anyone,” concluded Margaret.

Vitreq specialises in vitreoretinal surgery, its team of in-house R&D, engineering, and manufacturing professionals collaborating with surgeons to create a portfolio of minimally-invasive instruments. Founded by a group of industry veterans, Vitreq’s management has more than 80 years of ophthalmic experience.

BVI develops, manufactures and markets ophthalmic and other specialty microsurgical products. The company distributes products in more than 90 countries and operates manufacturing facilities in Waltham and Bidford-on-Avon, in the UK. BVI offers products and services for all aspects of ophthalmic surgery, including cataract, refractive, oculoplastic, and vitreoretinal sub-specialties as well as other specialty microsurgery procedures.