Driven by our Employees

We encourage our staff to develop relationships with charities that mean something to them and support them through fundraising events and long-term partnerships.

Our fundraising events are in the form of challenges that are embraced by the whole company.  Not only do they deliver a benefit to the charity partner, but they also instil a sense of pride and teamwork for those taking part.

Long term partnerships are formed with those charitable organisations where we have a much deeper personal link. Key for these partnerships is not just providing financial backing but also providing hands-on support to see first hand how we can make a difference

Charitable Partnerships

Hands Around The World

Since December 2017, Vanilla has been helping Hands Around the World as one of our key charity partners. The organisation supports 3,000+ vulnerable children in 5 different countries; ensuring they are clothed and fed, have a home and are receiving an education.

To read more about the charity click here

Capital Orchestra

Based in London and established in 2018, Capital Orchestra specialises in playing repertoire in and around the genres of jazz and pop.

As an orchestra of students, they aim to break the stereotypes of the orchestral music scene without compromising the standard of a professional orchestra

To read more about the orchestra click here

Charity Challenges

Each year at our annual Company Day, the Vanilla staff suggest and vote on a challenge to raise money for a worthy cause.  The winning nominee undertakes to organise the event and selects a charity that they have a personal connection to

Always a physical challenge, our employees train hard to earn sponsorship for the nominated charity in the build-up to the event.

The results of these events are three-fold:

  1. A personal feeling of achievement to complete what can be a very arduous challenge.
  2. The sense of being in a team, with your fellow employees, helping each other over the line.
  3. Raising money for a worthwhile cause, that has a close link to one of the team.

Our historical challenges are listed below.

2017: Tough Mudder

2017’s inaugural challenge saw Developer Brandon Ellis-Cairns challenge his fellow Vanilla team-mates to a Tough Mudder, with proceeds going to Help For Heroes.

Find out more about it here

2018: Yorkshire Three Peaks

In 2018, Head of Consulting Paul Darwin challenged the Vanilla family to the Yorkshire Three Peaks in aid of the MS Society.

Find out more about it here

2019: Three Lakes

The Three Lakes played host to our 2019 challenge and was proposed by developer Lloyd Briggs, all for the benefit of mental health charity MIND.

Find out more about it here