Novacura Flow selected to support remote workforce

After a competitive selection process, we are pleased to announce that HL Hutchinson Limited, the Crop Production Specialists, have selected Vanilla Solutions to provide an Agronomist portal to their remote workforce.

Being deployed via Novacura Flow, the agronomist portal will give remote users the ability to securely access their ERP system with a simple user interface.  As part of the project, Vanilla provided training to Hutchinsons, giving them the ability to develop their own workflows that can be deployed on a mobile device or through traditional portal functionality.  A key benefit of Flow is that the same workflow can be deployed onto either platform with no modifications.

Richard Johnson, Financial Director at H L Hutchinson said “After looking at a number of different solutions we chose to work with Vanilla on the implementation of Novacura Flow because the system stands out in terms of it user friendliness and because it has the potential to meet all of our current and future users requirements through its interface with our IFS software

The project is due to go live in Q1 2019

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