Supporting users in France, Czech Republic & UK

Vanilla Solutions have signed an IFS support contract with JSP, the leading producer of ARPRO, an innovative material used around the globe in a variety of applications.

JSP has sales offices, manufacturing sites and research and development facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company serves the automotive, construction, civil engineering and packaging markets with a range of expanded polymers, including ARPRO. The product’s strength and flexibility is particularly of use in safety components for the automotive industry and in the packaging and heating, ventilation and air-con sectors.

Vanilla’s new support contract with the company is for its manufacturing sites in France and the Czech Republic, and its sales operation at Windsor in the UK. The contract covers the company for its IFS users at these three sites, as well as an element of development of IFS.

Ivan Nagy, JSP’s Business Systems Integrations Manager, explained: “We introduced IFS at three sites in January 2018 and realised we would need a company to give us expert support in a timely manner.

“We completed a comprehensive search for suitable companies and shortlisted four or five. Out of those, we chose Vanilla. We were impressed by their ambition to always put the customer first, their flexibility and their synchronicity. Other companies we looked at were just too rigid in their approach.”

Explaining the use of IFS applications within JSP, Ivan said: “We use IFS as a full ERP system covering the full life cycle of our product, ARPRO, namely, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, logistics, finance, sales, case management.

“In looking at support, we needed four or five areas of expertise, meaning hiring at least three or four individuals. With Vanilla we have access to all functional expertise at once so we can potentially cover all sorts of areas.”

He continued: “So Vanilla give us an advantage in terms of time support, expertise and short response times and as well as the customer support side, we also want development time for improvements to our IFS functionality. I think we’ll be working with Vanilla to simplify some of IFS’s functionality.

“We’ve only started to get to know each other, but I’ve been impressed by Vanilla’s flexibility and focus on the customer. Everyone is very relaxed and friendly,” added Ivan, who is based at JSP’s site in Estrees St Denis, France.

Ivan praised Vanilla’s support team for their knowledge and speed of response, and had particular appreciation for Claire Valentine, Head of Support at the company’s Newcastle office.

“She’s been very helpful, is always very organised and it really helps us that she was an IFS user for so long – it’s a positive benefit for us that she knows IFS so well,” he said.

Andy Bell, Director at Vanilla Solutions, added: “We’re looking forward to working with JSP and supporting their IFS users. They’re a truly global company with some wonderfully innovative products and we’re proud to have been chosen to support them and develop their IFS functionality.”