IFS is a globally-recognised provider of both enterprise-wide solutions and best-of-breed point software products designed for the global aerospace and defence (A&D) markets.

IFS has a comprehensive knowledge of the aerospace and defence industries, recognising each needs a contrasting mix of its products and solutions. Globally recognised as a leading supplier of enterprise software, IFS delivers solutions for:

  • Commercial aviation
  • Defence
  • Fleet and asset management
  • Services and performance-based logistics
  • Military logistics
  • Aerospace and defence manufacturing

At Vanilla, our experience and knowledge in implementing IFS Applications™ ensure success for our industry partners. By implementing our simple, stepwise approach we can deliver bespoke solutions to our valued clients and react quickly to changes within the industry.

IFS Applications™ are completely modular, meaning you only need to implement the parts you need. For a full range of business-improving modules please see the graphic below.

As an Authorised Channel Partner, we at Vanilla are able to deliver IFS Applications™, to the benefit of the whole aerospace and defence sector.

Putting IFS Applications™ into practice, Babcock International talk about their experiences.

For further information on how Vanilla and IFS can improve your business, contact us now.