In an innovation-led world, one of the biggest challenges for any manufacturing business is how to adapt to change and prosper from it. We believe the solution is IFS Applications™.

Change is constant – and both a challenge and an opportunity. The success of your business will depend on how quickly you adapt to change.

Whatever challenge your business is facing, IFS is the solution, empowering you to make the most of opportunities. From the product development phase to marketing, manufacturing and distribution all of your needs are covered by IFS Applications™ – no matter what you make or how you make it. As a complete enterprise software solution, all your back-office requirements are also met.

IFS is a modular software, which means you only need to implement the parts your manufacturing business needs. For a full range of business-improvement modules, please see the graphic below.

Vanilla is an Authorised Channel Partner and implement applications on behalf of IFS.

Here’s how Valmont Industries streamlined its manufacturing lead times using IFS:

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