IFS stands alone within service industries in providing a truly holistic approach to business improvement software.

Growing customer expectations and increased competition have led to a fundamental change within service industries. Companies now aim for excellence through optimisation and are future-proofing by focusing on solutions in areas such as cross-functional integration and zero-touch automation. To remain competitive service firms have to be digital-first, focusing on process improvements and workforce quality. Savings are then passed on to customers. IFS gives you the tools needed for all of these processes.

Vanilla’s experience and knowledge in implementing IFS Applications™ ensure success for our industry partners. By implementing our simple approach we can deliver bespoke solutions to our valued clients and react quickly to continuing change within the industry.

IFS Applications™ are completely modular, meaning you only need to implement the parts you need. For a full range of business-improving modules please see the graphic below.

As Authorised Channel Partners, we are able to deliver IFS Applications™, to the benefit of businesses throughout the service and maintenance sector.

Here Sweden’s leading consumer electronics merchant NetOnNet talks about their improved their retail experience with the implementation of IFS Applications™.

To hear how Vanilla and IFS Applications™ can improve your business contact us now.