More than three-quarters of business leaders say their current on-premise ERP system does not meet the needs of their business.

It has never been more important for businesses to be dynamic and agile in order to stay ahead of competitors. Advancements in technology mean modern ERP solutions that can offer greater mobility, connectivity and integration to provide powerful data insights that allow companies to act quickly and confidently on market and customer trends.

But if your current ERP software was implemented some time ago, it may be beginning to show its age? If you struggle to get the quality information and business insights out of you ERP in order to make informed business decisions, now is the time for change.

Common signs that you have outgrown your ERP software:

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance Costs - IFS ERP ServicesAs your company grows, so will your ERP in order to meet the new demands placed on your growing business. Your current ERP system might require sizable maintenance and an overhaul which can often bring financial and time restraints to your business.

Many Disparate Systems

Many Disparate Systems - IFS ERP ServicesWhen your ERP is no longer able to meet the requirements of your business, a cheap solution can be to buy additional software to fill in the gaps, but a mix of packages will not function as well together as a modern ERP designed to deliver a full service from scratch. It can also prove more expensive in the long-term with multiple licence fees.

Unreliable Data

Unreliable Data - IFS ERP ServicesIf your legacy ERP system does not allow you to view data in real time, which can result in an increase in data errors and a risk of missing potential opportunities to grow your business, a replacement ERP could be required in order to stop your business falling behind its competitors.

Lack of User Knowledge

Lack of User Knowledge - IFS ERP ServicesAs employees come and go, so does your business’s knowledge on how to use your ERP system effectively. When the IT professional responsible for installing and maintaining your ERP system decides to leave your business, the replacement will not possess the same knowledge and expertise needed to navigate round all the customisations and modifications made to your ERP system.

Reliance on Spreadsheets

Reliance on Spreadsheets - IFS ERP ServicesIf your ERP system is not meeting the demands of your business, a lot your employees may still turn to spreadsheets in order to complete their tasks. This has a detrimental effect on the functionality of your ERP system and to your business as reporting becomes a lengthy and error-prone affair.

So What is the Perfect Solution To Your Outdated ERP System?

IFS Applications Gold Channel PartnerWith over 30 years experience, IFS develops and delivers enterprise software for businesses around the World who manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations.

IFS Applications™ can bring your ERP system back into the modern age by providing the following features: 

Componentised Design

Componentised Design - IFS Applications Scalable and flexible. Take only the modules you need and add to them when required. This allows for a gradual stepwise implementation, delivering faster ROI and reduced risk.

Fully Integrated ERP System

Fully Integrated ERP System - IFS Applications One set of data, giving you a single single version of the truth.


Workflow Driven Transacting

Workflow Driven Transacting - IFS ApplicationsIFS Applications™ pushes data rather than waiting for a request. This speeds up processes and increases productivity.


User Centric

User Centric - IFS ApplicationsIFS Applications™ provides an attractive, intuitive and efficient interface, empowering users making the right data readily available.


Built for Change

Built for Change - IFS ApplicationsWith IFS Applications™ you stay agile, ready for change and evolution. Upgrade without disrupting the implemented solution.


Industry Focus

Industry Focus - IFS ApplicationsIFS focuses on mastering a selection of core industries to better support companies in their business processes. Being customisable, IFS Applications™ easily configurable to individual industries and businesses.



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