There are a number of reasons why data should be archived. Here are just a few of them.

Data archiving is often an afterthought for many businesses, but there are a number of reasons why businesses should archive their data and do it regularly. In a nutshell, the preservation of data has to marry up to other company objectives like keeping the cost of housing data low and the performance of your business systems high.

Here are 3 important reasons your business should be archiving data;

Data Storage Management

Perhaps the most common reason for archiving data is to get rid of unused transactional data in the production database for performance and sizing reasons. The records you frequently refer to should be the data held within your primary storage. Although it may seem like an insignificant act at the time, you can save money in IT expenditure for both primary and backup storages as well as increasing the speed of your business software like that of IFS Applications™. A faster system should, in turn, increase productivity. Finally, by properly archiving redundant data you need to keep but no longer refer to, you then free up space on your primary storage for the data you actually use.

Compliance and Legislation

Businesses operating within regulated industries are more than often held responsible for managing records. This practice is to keep up with both legislation and compliance standards. No matter the size of the organisation or the industry it operates in, compliance is something that should be considered within almost every record that is created. In addition to GDPR, if your business adheres to any other industry regulations, especially in regard to the storage of data, then archiving is a must.

Increased Security

Keeping old or unused data on high-traffic servers, even with the proper access controls in place, increases the surface of a potential attack on your organisation. By securing unused data, removing it from general access onto a separate storage tier or device, for example, you are reducing the risk and potential impact of Data Loss or Theft while maintaining the integrity of all that data for as long as it is needed.


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