With Kieran Garry's visit imminent, Brandon & James relive their own memories of Africa.

“It was an amazing experience to be chosen to visit Zambia with Hands Around the World. It opened my eyes to many aspects of life and It helped me to grow as a person. I made so many memories and met so many wonderful people that are from an almost incomprehensible world, yet, managing to maintain positivity and happiness.

Each day brought a range of emotions from sadness to joy, I enjoyed playing a part in helping and understanding the potential we all have to help and I really want to do more and inspire other people.

I hope Vanilla continues to support Hands Around the World and continue their partnership.”

Brandon Ellis-Cairns

Brandon Ellis-Cairns arrives in Zambia as part of Vanilla's partnership with Hands Around the World

It was fantastic to be allowed to spend two weeks in Zambia in August 2019 as part of Vanilla’s ongoing partnership with Hands Around the World.  It was an amazing experience. It was a humbling, emotional roller coaster with many highs and lows. it was great to meet some amazing children who managed to be so positive and inspiring in spite of some massive challenges in their lives with many being orphaned, struggling to get enough to eat or living with HIV.  The visit has given me a different perspective on my own life and the challenges we face in our society. I have been inspired to help the charity in any way I can and also to encourage others to get involved as I think it has the potential to help us as much as it helps others.

James Powell

James Powell takes a selfie with some of the children Hands Around the World help.


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