What is Archiving?

Archiving is the process of evaluating data and then moving or removing what isn’t needed from IFS Applications™. This could be on a one-off occasion due to organizational or regulatory reasons, or on a regular basis as good practice. Removing unused records from your ERP system should optimise performance and increase productivity.

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The Outcomes of Archiving.

Archiving has three different outcomes: Copy, Move and Remove. Each is relevant in their own way and a combination may be required.

Copy – Similar to Move but leaves the original data untouched. Think of this similarly to a backup for data vital to your business, or where a snapshot is needed for audit purposes

Move – Copies data to a new location and removes the original. For records that are not used regularly but may need to be referred to in the future.

Remove – Deletes the source data altogether. Useful for historic records or where removal is required for compliance reasons.

Simplifying things further, archiving can be summed up with this easy to understand diagram below, or find out more about the outcomes of the Archiving process and what sorts of files should be Archived click here.

Archiving for IFS Applications

Why Archive?

Businesses Archive their data for a number of reasons and should do this routinely. Typically, their data retention strategy works hand-in-hand with the industry they operate within. Some of the top considerations include:

  • Compliance & Legislation
  • Lowering Data Storage Costs
  • Increased Data Security
  • Data Management
  • Efficiency & Performance Improvements

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By scheduling regular archiving activities, and maintaining an organised approach to data storage, businesses can benefit from performance improvements, keeping staff productivity high and remaining profitable.

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Vanilla has a proven track record in data archiving and has worked with a number of clients to improve their business performance through a managed and monitored archiving strategy.

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