Out-of-the-box Connectivity

Deploying Boomi with IFS Applications makes integration simpler.

No more months writing code to integrate to customer, supplier or partner systems.

No more time creating transformers to try and make the third party system data replicate what you need in IFS.

Positioned as a leader by Gartner in Enterprise Integration Platform as a service (EiPaaS), Boomi is your ‘digital switchboard’ to speed integration between IFS Applications and other data sources.

Del Boomi - IFS Applications Support

There’s no need to start from scratch – with over 200 pre-built connectors, including IFS Applications, Salesforce & Coupa, the technical work is done for you.  And being cloud-native, as source systems are updated, the connectors are automatically.

Not a developer?  With a low-code, visual user-interface, it’s easier to create and manage the integrations without having to understand complex programming languages.

Dell Boomi - IFS Applications Support

And integration is just one piece of the puzzle

Dell Boomi - IFS Support

Master Data Hub helps ensure that your master data remains exactly that.  Define your master data entries and then let Boomi manage bidirectional synchronization to ensure data is moved througout your business

B2B/EDI Management to transform the way you do business with your trading partner network

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