Keeping simple things simple, and simplifying the complex

We’re passionate about making sense of anything difficult, and nowhere is this more important than process improvement. Our consultants provide you with an in-depth knowledge of your operations and a clear view of the areas that can be improved.

As part of our business consulting services, we use the Six Sigma DMAIC improvement cycle for all of our project deliveries which can be viewed below.

DMAIC improvement cycle


The purpose of this step is to clearly articulate the business problem, goal, resources (including process owner), and set a high-level project timeline.


We’ll establish current process baselines and use them to measure improvement. This key phase involves significant time to collect quality data to compare to later in the project.


This step allows us to identify the issues and root causes. The is a priority based on customer metrics and is carried out during validations tasks.


Here we’ll implement the improvements we’ve identified. Our aim is to build simpler processes and give your team better skills. We use technology in appropriate ways and begin to see the benefits for your business.


Repeating elements of our Measure step, we monitor the process improvements to make sure the identified gains are being achieved over a fixed period of time.