Ensuring value is delivered against a business opportunity and objectives

Whilst delivering a project on time and within budget is important, delivering one that achieves its stated objectives is crucial.

Business consulting services and more importantly, project management, is important because it ensures value is delivered against a business opportunity or objective. We aim to use our project delivery experience to bring our clients and consultants together as one team, sharing the same vision for success, and working collaboratively to achieve a common goal.

Our aim when running projects is to deliver a quality solution, on time, and to always keep sight of the strategic goals of the business. Delivering against a project plan is useless if the solution being delivered doesn’t align to the objectives of the business.

Key Objectives

Align to Strategic Goals

A project is not worth doing if it does not align with the strategic objectives of the business. Establishing a strong business case, and ensuring all stakeholders are bought into that business case, means everyone is focused on achieving a common goal.

Set clear objectives and realistic planning

Ensuring all project team members are clear on what is expected of them is key to running a successful project. Having a realistic plan, and simple and effective reporting, gives transparency to all stakeholders. Setting the right expectations ensures there is a common understanding of what can be delivered within the timeframe and budget.

Quality is not optional

All work undertaken by the project team should be done to an agreed standard of quality. Poor outputs delivered on time lead to more rework, and ultimately take more time and cost more money.

Appropriate resourcing and learning

Selecting the correct team is essential to the success of the project. Team members need to be suitably skilled in order to deliver against the objectives set, in the timeframe, and to an appropriate level of quality. Applying learnings from previous experiences helps to ensure best practices are followed, and a fit for purpose solution is delivered.

Leadership and control

Strong leadership is key to ensuring a project delivers against its business case. Being open and honest about how the project is performing against the strategic goals, and being able to demonstrate this to stakeholders, is essential. Change is inevitable in a project, as are risks and issues, therefore clear and simple tracking and reporting should be used to continually assess the health of the project, whilst validating its ongoing viability against the business goals.

Project engagement

If all stakeholders are bought into these 5 principles from the outset, and they keep them at the forefront of everything they do throughout the life of the project, then this combined with a level of pragmatism, leads to the delivery of tangible business benefits that are in line with the strategic goals of the business