Why have 3+ systems when 1 will do?

IFS is a different kind of enterprise resource planning software. It is not complex and rigid like some other ERP suites. Instead, it is designed to help you rapidly take advantage of emerging technology and the changing market landscape, maximizing the agility of your business.

How Vanilla and IFS can benefit the medical device manufacturing industry…

FDA & EMA Regulatory Compliance

For medical device manufacturers, FDA and EMA regulatory compliance is a mission-critical requirement. If the FDA finds a manufacturer to be in violation of FDA rules, the consequences can be serious: warning letters, mandatory product recalls, inability to ship product, and even criminal penalties for individual managers. Nevertheless, if regulatory requirements can be satisfied, automated systems clearly can bring great benefits, not only in terms of cost savings but also in terms of product safety and effectiveness – the key concerns of the FDA.

Engineering and Design

Use IFS project-centric integrated solution to manage all stages of product design and through-life management.  Capture procurement costs, time and expenses and track progress using IFS Projects, PDM, CAD integration and Document Control.


Make the switch from prototype to manufacturing within the same ERP.  IFS Applications allows enterprises to operate flexibly, with any combination of make-to-stock, configure-to-order and engineer-to-order modes.  With Sales and Operational planning, and the Manufacturing Visualizer, get a single view of team and resource capacity across your business.

Service Management

Aftermarket service revenues are growing for manufacturing companies, as they look to move to a fully-servitized operating model.  Use IFS Applications and IoT devices to track device usage, plan maintenance more effectively based on usage and meet customer SLA’s.

To read the white paper below and find out information regarding the fitness of IFS Applications™ in a medical device manufacturing facility under regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), specifically regulations regarding electronic records, electronic signatures, and quality systems, simply complete the enquiry form below.

IFS Applications Medical White Paper