Benefit from our long track record of IFS Application-based projects

Vanilla has a long track record of successful delivery of IFS Application-based projects. We have a strong team of application consultants, technical consultants, developers and support staff who can take care of all of your IFS-related services needs.

Our founders and many of our consultants have worked with IFS Applications for decades and witnessed the product mature over time. IFS’s continuous product innovation gives us the foundation to deliver ever more imaginative and powerful business solutions for you.

IFS Applications is a mid- and upper-tier business application suite which can be configured to provide class-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) capabilities. IFS was conceived with a flexible component based architecture and features powerful tools to allows businesses to refine and configure it without recourse to changing the core code of the product. This approach allows companies like ours to create powerful and highly targeted solutions from ‘just’ standard software, often reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).