IFS Connect is an integration broker tool built into IFS Applications™. An integration broker is a product acting as a "bridge" between two or more different systems. In other words, the tool connects IFS Applications™ to ‘alien’ systems.

IFS Connect waits for inbound messages using an inbound Connector to listen for an incoming message (e.g. an email or a file placed in a shared location). On arrival, IFS Connect pulls this into IFS Applications™. Once the message is received into IFS it can be routed to the desired location or an action performed with the message content. Inbound messages can be translated from any format into the format required by IFS.

Similarly, an event or user action in IFS can generate an outbound message, containing any data you want to send out. The message is passed to an outbound queue, and if a matching rule is found an outbound Connector will send this to your chosen destination, transformed into the format expected by the receiving device/application.

The inbound and outbound queues can be interrogated as any other IFS data screen. This gives clear visibility of any errors and data issues can easily be spotted, rectified, and a retry attempted.