Self-build mobile applications, interfaces and multi-user workflows

Novacura Flow lets you build your own mobile applications by drawing them.

It connects to your business applications (ERP, EAM, Quality Management etc) and lets you build workflows that span multiple applications, removing the need for interfaces.  It helps your users achieve more, in less time.

We are the UK reseller for Novacura’s class-leading mobility solution and process-execution platform, Flow.  We have deployed Flow in large and small UK companies across the manufacturing, distribution, engineering and aerospace sectors, where it is streamlining processes and supporting mobile working.



Flow allows end users and business analysts to define executable workflows using a simple drawing interface.  Low-code connectors are then used to read data and execute transactions on your underlying business applications.
With Flow you build zero-install mobile and desktop applications that will automatically work with full range of Flow client technologies (Windows, iOS, Android, Web, Win CE).


Novacura Flow lets businesses take needless steps out of complex processes, automate transactions and built workflows that enable collaborative working though Flow Inboxes.

The potential applications for Flow are nearly limitless, so call us to discuss your own ideas and requirements.