Bring the Internet of Things to life with Vanilla

Adopting IoT technologies for your organisation involves not just deploying current hardware integration tools and approaches, but also understanding how they drive real value in your business. We help our customers understand what the market can offer and what benefits IoT integration can bring.

For too long, the separation between business applications and the physcial executon of business processes has been too great. We are used to using business applications to plan orders and to record, usually retrospectively, the movement of goods and the performance of services. Modern mobility technologies have helped here, reducing processing times and making the recording of real-world business events more efficient. It isn’t enough though.

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a diffuse set of technoligies, practises and integration methods that allows us to connect aspplications and hardware in flexible ways. Many of the underpinning technologies have been around for years, but it’s only quite recently that most businesses have reached the technological ‘tipping point’ to make the business case for such projects attractive.

We use a combination of process execution software applications, mobility solutions, data servcies and industrial control harware to enable to you link your physcial infratructure, assets and materials with your business systems. Every IOT project is different but our aim will always be to provide a simple, elegant and effective solution.