Continuum is a comprehensive and flexible package that delivers continuous improvement with a minimum of fuss, admin or overheads.

Tayto, Ireland’s biggest snack manufacturer, has been a Vanilla customer for a decade and signed up for Continuum after a successful upgrade from IFS Applications 7 to 9.

Tayto’s IT Manager Michael McGinn explained: “Continuum has been perfect for us. It gives us the access we need, when we need it, for a fixed monthly cost. There’s no doubt our use of IFS has improved thanks to Continuum and the support Vanilla has given us.

“Their knowledge of our business and their approach are important to us, as is their depth of knowledge about IFS.

“We initially signed up for three months of support after the successful upgrade. We were so impressed we extended that and also subscribed to the Continuum service.

“This combined level of service gives us tremendous reassurance. Both aspects of the service are important to us – first of with Support, Vanilla look after our database, and then we also have the development time from Continuum that helps us look at specific projects and solutions in IFS.

“Both are equally important to us. IFS is core to our business, there isn’t an area that its not used in. Manufacturing, credit control, logistics, demand planning are the main areas, but there are other areas too. All of our business systems feed into it, and it feeds into all of our business areas. It’s our single source of critical business information.

“I’m happy with the service, it gives us peace of mind and a level of expertise our small team could never have. It’s also a cost effective solution to us.

“Vanilla often go above and beyond what you might expect. Just last night I emailed the support team at 7.30pm about an issue and by 7.45pm I’d had a response – that’s amazing service. It’s not just the impressive technical know-how, it’s Vanilla’s approach to service and consulting.

“IFS gives us everything we need as a company, and with Vanilla’s services, we have the level of support and flexibility we need to keep growing.

Jason Belcher, Director of Vanilla, said: “We’re proud to hear our partner Tayto Snacks values Continuum so highly. Vanilla recognises and embraces the desire for ‘always better’ and that’s what Continuum does. It’s a monthly fixed-fee subscription service that covers both application support and ongoing continuous improvement for our customers.

“Continuum creates that all-important feedback loop between business operations and application support, locking in changes and moving the focus from ‘fixing’ to ‘improving’.”

Tayto Snacks was established in Dublin in 1954. The company is now based in County Meath where it employs hundreds of people at its Ashbourne factory.

As well as the Tayto brand (Ireland’s top-selling snack) the company manufactures other iconic brands such as Hunky Dorys, King, and Perri. Tayto Snacks also distributes the complete KP range of products in the Republic of Ireland, giving the company almost a 50 per cent share of the Irish snack-food market and consuming ten per cent of the Irish potato crop annually. Tayto Snacks is owned by the German snack food company Intersnack.

More information on Continuum can be found here

About Tayto

Tayto Snacks is an indigenous Irish company employing 500 people nationwide. Tayto produces Ireland’s favourite snacks brands including Tayto, Hunky Dorys, King, Perri and Velvet Crunch, at our factory in Ashbourne, Co.Meath.

Tayto is also the Irish distributor of the KP Snacks portfolio of brands including KP Nuts, Hula Hoops and McCoy’s.

Tayto Snacks’ production facility in Ashbourne, Co. Meath produces potato based products and sources close to 30,000 tonnes of potatoes from Irish farmers annually, equating to approximately 10% of the nation’s annual potato crop. Tayto sources these potatoes from Irish farmers in counties Meath, Dublin, Louth and Wexford. The company’s extensive range of crisps brands are cooked in 100% hi-oleic sunflower oil.