Is there a key to maintaining high processing speeds of your ERP system?

In today’s system landscape, the creation of data is accelerating at an ever-increasing speed. This alone causes a problem for businesses, namely, what to do with all that superfluous or redundant data.

The answer is archiving, this being the process retaining data for long term storage. These stored records are then able to be recalled if and when required.

Archiving is seen as one of those laborious tasks that are often overlooked by businesses of all sizes, which is why Vanilla is often asked to help oversee and implement the process.

There are many reasons to archive your data, a number of them are highlighted in my post last week, but why should your business be archiving data regularly?

By scheduling your archiving practices and regularly keeping on top of your data storage, keeping only the records you need to hand, you are able to maintain a faster system. Being able to process data at a much higher speed should lead to higher productivity and happier users. With this in mind, the question you should be asking yourself is, should you be scheduling your archiving practices on a more regular basis?

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