The ability to integrate ERP’s to other systems and devices is becoming increasingly more attractive to modern businesses.

The wide range of approaches and products available to do that very thing is proof of this. For those that use IFS, the IFS Connect tool is the ideal solution and its already built into IFS Applications™ and has a number of benefits for the end-user.

No Additional Expenditure

Probably the most obvious, but as I said before, IFS Connect is already built into the application and therefore already the cost-effective option.

Inbuilt Error Handling

With the capability to report and retry errors included within the tool, the visibility of any issues should be clear, and productivity should remain high.

Connects to Anything

This works both ways, creating a two-way link between any software or device.

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To IFS Connect

If you feel the flexibility and functionality of IFS Connect would be a useful addition to your IFS Applications™ software, then talk to us.

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