There are a whole host of technology consultancies out there, so why work with us to help archive your data in IFS Applications™?

It’s simple. Because we’ve been there. We’ve led and implemented archiving strategies for businesses of all sizes across a number of different industries. We understand the challenges your organisation faces, both internally and externally as well as the complexities of your industry and how to overcome them.

We employ a data-driven approach, breaking down the jargon and making things manageable for everyone involved. By following these simple steps, we offer a cost-effective way to increase your process speed as well as improving your database efficiency.

  1. By first analysing your database we are able to quickly identify the areas of your system that may benefit from archiving.
  2. We discuss our findings with you and adapt our proposals to your requirements, incorporating any exclusions as required. A good example of this is invoicing. We can remove all historic invoices created before a specified date on a company that is no longer part of your organisation, excluding any inter-group Invoices.
  3. We draw on our proven Vanilla model of data relationships to build proposed archive jobs, adding or adapting the model as required for your business. Again, if we were talking about invoices, you tell us what Invoice records to delete and we can remove any associated invoice lines, document attachments etc.
  4. When the picture is complete, we are then able to forecast how many records will be archived and estimate how much space can be saved.
  5. We automate the process of building the archive jobs, saving staff days and potentially even weeks.
  6. Automatic creation of an archive order ensuring the right data is deleted in the correct sequence. This ensures all of your redundant data is captured.
  7. This order can then be scheduled to run as a one-off or at an interval of your choosing.

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