While many of us use the weekends to recuperate from our working week, last weekend James Lewis and his fellow open water swimmers took on the English Channel 

The group set off from Kent in choppy 16.5c seas, and Vanilla was proud to sponsor them. They’re raising money for both the IFS Foundation and the Newcastle West End Food Bank, you can donate using this link: https://ifs.link/90eHl4

Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Service Management at IFS, James is also amember of the Tynemouth Openwater Swimmers (ToSers). He joked online that swimming the English Channel relay was “the only guaranteed way of getting a foreign holiday in 2021!” 

We are very proud to support these two great causes, especially the IFS Foundation which is a charitable organisation set up to help break the poverty cycle in Sri Lanka. The charity is investing in a series of projects in partnership with local communities in remote and rural areas to renovate schools and hospitals, improve access to fresh water, and create employment opportunities and promotes overall economic sustainability in rural areas of Sri Lanka. 

Congratulations James and team.