The Basics of Data Archiving for IFS Applications™

When clients and businesses come to us stating that their ERP system isn’t running as efficiently as it used to, we often find they could benefit from Archiving their redundant data.

Similarly, business structures change over time and the regulatory landscape they are operating in is constantly evolving. These changes are often a good opportunity for a “spring clean”, and Archiving is the tool for this.

More often than not we are met with the responses ‘What is Archiving?’ leading to the question ‘How much will this cost?’. Well, what I want to do is answer those questions, because I believe that Archiving should play a role in every IFS Applications™ implementation.

What is Data Archiving?

Data Archiving is essentially the practice of analysing and moving or removing redundant data from IFS Applications™. Data which is surplus to requirements can either be placed into separate storage drives, which can be called upon if ever needed or even completely deleted altogether. Moving unused records out of your ERP system should optimise the performance of your queries and reduce the overall footprint of your environment.

How Much Does Archiving Cost?

The ability to Archive is already built in-to IFS Applications™ and doesn’t need any other specialist software. Vanilla can advise on the whole process from an initial strategy to building and scheduling your desired Archive jobs and everything in between.

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